Project Timeline

30 January 2013

After 30 months of intense and challenging work the painting is left ready for the last stage of the project, which involves returning it to the historic wing of the gallery for re-display. This will be a complicated task and will include the delicate procedure of removing the painting from its temporary support, rolling it and finally re-stretching it on to its reconditioned original support.

15 January 2013

Following completion of the consolidation treatment the painting is re-tensioned and positioned upright.

20 December 2012

As the painting is so large its consolidation is undertaken in sections, taking approximately one week to treat the entire surface of the painting.

15 December 2012

The conservation team sets up the hot table to consolidate the entire painting.

30 November 2012

Together with consolidation of the fibers, the conservation team is working on consolidating the painting to strengthen areas of fragile paint layer.

02 November 2012

Analysis undertaken on the thread fibers is discussed and examined to ensure the most suitable adhesive is selected to repair any damaged fibers.

19 October 2012

The conservation team examines the thread fibers in the original canvas and start testing a variety of consolidants to establish which one will be most suitable to strengthen the delicate fibers of the canvas.

04 October 2012

The Irish Times interview Head of Conservation Simone Mancini about the mammoth task of restoring the painting.

27 September 2012

Martina Freschi and Peggy Reme examine the progress of the retouching the losses and discuss areas that will require further attention.

24 August 2012

The slow task of retouching the damages continues in earnest for the remainder of August and September.