S.C. Hall 1800 - 1889

Portrait of Samuel Carter Hall by Paul DelaRoche, 1847

Graphite and wash on paper

Waterford-born Samuel Carter Hall was a journal editor and writer who met Maclise in Cork in 1820. He soon relocated to London where he married Anna Maria Fielding in 1824. They both forged careers as writers and editors, and when Maclise arrived in London they befriended him and became keen supporters of the artist and his endeavours. The Halls commissioned Maclise to produce illustrations for their books including Ireland: Its Scenery and Character (1841) and Sketches of Irish Character (1855). When Hall became editor of the pioneering Art Journal (initially called The Art-Union) in 1838, he always wrote favourably about Maclise’s artwork, in particular the frescoes in the Houses of Parliament.